Play online blackjack 2022

The card game Blackjack is very popular with players worldwide and can be found in almost every online casino. In addition to the classic blackjack, the online casinos also offer numerous variants of the classic and thus also increase the fun. The best Blackjack Online Casinos offer the players not only a large selection of game, but can also convince with attractive bonus offers.

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When researching the best Blackjack Online Casino and our reviews, this has crystallized as a test winner. We can rate the game selection and the bonus with daily cashback promotion very positively. Compared to a conventional welcome bonus, you are better on the road. The rules are very simple: the more you deposit, the more you get back!

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As for the selection of games, you have over 3,000 slots to choose from on The slot machine games make up the largest category in most online casinos. But what interests us are the blackjack games. We counted for you and more than 230 different blackjack games found! We have listed a few of the games and games:

  • Classic Blackjack von Evolution
  • Blackjack Multihand von iSoftbet
  • Blackjack Surrender von Bgaming
  • American Blackjack von BSG
  • Merengue Blackjack von Ezugi
  • uvm

Also noteworthy is the valid happiness for happiness as well as the detailed and transparent information on the bonus conditions, the data protection regulations and of course also the terms and conditions and FAQ in the Help Center.

With us you get all the important information if you want to play roulette online

Advantages of Blackjack in online casinos

The rules of the game at Blackjack are both online and in a classic casino, but of course the online game brings some special features. The advantages of blackjack in online casinos speak for themselves:

  • Play always and everywhere:
    In order to be able to play blackjack in the online casino, a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone is required. The players do not have to adhere to clothing arrangements and do not accept long travel routes to the casino. Likewise, there are no opening times that the players are tied to.
  • Players benefit from bonus offered:
    Most online casinos offer welcome offers for new customers and regular bonuses for existing customers. For example, new players receive a bonus on their first deposit or are rewarded with free spins for registration.
  • Online blackjack is available in many variants:
    While the number of tables is limited in the casino, there are often several variants blackjack to choose from in online casinos. This offers the players the opportunity to try different variants and find their favorites.
  • Online Casinos bieten variable Limits:
    In online casinos, cent amounts can often already be set for blackjack and the maximum limit is often higher than in the classic casino. In addition, many online casino offer a demo version of the games that makes it possible to play without using their own money.
  • With online blackjack, the player sets the pace:
    In the online casino, players can play after their own pace and do not have to follow the croupier. This means that the players can take their time to plan their next step or play quick rounds if they prefer a higher pace.

Disadvantages of Blackjack in online casinos

Playing blackjack in online casinos not only offers advantages, but is also associated with disadvantages. The social aspect is often perceived as a disadvantage. Because while the player has with the teammates and the croupier in the physical casino, he is completely eliminated with online blackjack. But the following points also prove to be a disadvantage:

  • Payment of the profits must be initiated:
    The profits will be credited immediately on the player account, but if a payment is desired, the player must be initiated. Depending on the payment method, the players have to wait several days until the payment amount is booked.
  • The risk of gambling addiction is increased:
    Blackjack can be played around the clock in the online casino. Due to mobile use that enables many online casinos, any free minute can be used to play on the go. The constant availability has a high addiction potential and increases the risk of gambling addiction.

Selection Blackjack variants

The game selection in the online casinos usually includes different variants of the popular card game. Since the blackjack variants from the classic blackjack have developed, the basic rules are usually the same and they only differ in a few special rules.

Classic blackjack

The classic blackjack or standard blackjack is most widespread and enjoys the greatest popularity. The aim of the classic blackjack is to get as close to the value 21 as possible or even reach it exactly and to achieve a blackjack. If the value exceeds the number 21, the player has lost.

European blackjack

The European Blackjack is a modification of the classic blackjack. The rules are the same except for one difference. Because with European blackjack, the dealer has to wait until the player has ended his sheet. Only then can he check whether his cards result in a blackjack. The secondary bet with which the players can protect themselves is also not offered here.

American blackjack

In the American blackjack, a card deck consists of 52 cards. The number cards are evaluated with the number that is shown. The image cards always correspond to 10. Depending on the situation, the ASS hung is either counted as 1 or 11. If the cards of a player are already high, the ASS is counted as 1. With a low value, on the other hand, the ASS is considered 11.


Pontoon is not a variant of Blackjack, but rather the predecessor of the card game popular today. The rules of the two games are the same, but at Pontoon the ASS is always considered 11. The game is played with a French card deck consisting of 32 or 52 cards.

Vegas Downtown

Vegas Downtown Blackjack is very similar to the classic blackjack and has the same game structure. With Vegas Downtown variant, however, the hand can be split up to 3 times. If two aces are split and then a 10 moved, this is not considered a blackjack for the Vegas Downtown.

Vegas Strip

Vegas Strip Blackjack is played like the classic blackjack. However, four card sets are used here instead of two. The players can play Vegas Strip Blackjack as a single or multi-hand version.


The variant of surrenders contains the option of giving up. The basic rules do not differ from the classic blackjack. However, after handing over the tickets, players can decide whether they keep or give them up after handing over the tickets. If you give up the cards, you will receive half of your use.

Double Exposure

The double exposure blackjack deviates from classic blackjack in some points. So the dealer puts his cards open and they are always visible to the players. Special rules also apply and share. Since the bank advantage is very high in the double exposure, the chances of winning for the players are low in this variant.

Blackjack Switch

With Blackjack Switch, two boxes are played at the same time. After handing out the starting cards, the players have the opportunity to exchange the upper cards of the starting hands and to secure a better starting position for the further game.

Multihand Blackjack

The multi -hand blackjack variant offers the opportunity to play with several hands. In addition, the minimum insert on multi -hand blackjack is usually lower than with other variants.

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 Blackjack is played with 48 cards and all 10 cards are removed in advance. The rules also deviate from the classic blackjack with this variant. Any number of cards can be drawn after the splitting of Assen. The players can split three times in the Spanish 21 Blackjack and also choose a late surrenders, i.e. a late one.

Match Play 21

The Match Play 21 variant has many similarities to the Spanish 21 Blackjack. However, the rules are more closely based on the classic blackjack. 6 card decks are usually used and it is also played without the 10 card.

Face up 21

With Face Up 21 Blackjack, the dealers' cards can be viewed from the start. This gives the players an advantage, but the risk also increases to buy.

Progressive Blackjack

With progressive blackjack there is a bonus bet with which the players can win a jackpot. The players can play with several hands with this variant and give their bet separately for each hand.

Blackjack Peek

Blackjack Peek was developed by Playtech and is played according to the rules of Vegas Strip Blackjack.

Blackjack im Online Live Casino

The best blackjack online casinos also offer a live casino as a supplement to the conventional choice of game. The games in the live casino are carried out by real dealers and the players are added by video transmission. The live games offer many advantages of the online casino and enable players to Review the typical casino atmosphere from home. Depending on the online live casino, players can also exchange ideas with the dealers via a chat.

The most famous providers of Live Casino Blackjack

Most online casinos use the software from various providers for your live casino. The number of providers for live games is less than playing the standard casino, but there are still some renowned providers who are known for their high quality. The best known providers of Live Casino Blackjack are:

  • Evolution Gaming
  • Microgaming
  • Ezugi
  • Vivo Gaming
  • Playtech
  • Lucky Streak

Online Blackjack VS Live Blackjack (im Online Casino)

Online BlackjackLive Blackjack
Unlimited number of players possiblePartial number of participants per table is partly limited
No streaming requiredQuality of video transmission can impair the fun
Random Number generator decides the gameLive blackjack is carried out by real dealers
Players cannot communicatePartly possible chat with live dealers and teammates
The differences to online blackjack and live blackjack at a glance

Online blackjack alternatives

In addition to blackjack, the online casinos usually also offer other table and card games. Alternatives to the Blackjack classic are, for example, the following games:


The Baccarat card game is similar to Blackjack in many points. While the value 21 has to be reached at Blackjack, the Baccarat is concerned with two or three cards as close to the number 9 as possible or to meet them precisely. The player who reaches the highest number wins the round.


Not a card game, but still A popular alternative to blackjack is the classic roulette. Here a small ball is thrown into the roulette kettle and the players bet on where it ends up. The players can rely on straight or odd, red or black as well as numbers and rows.

5 principles in online blackjack

Blackjack is offered in different variants in the online casinos, whereby the basic rules are mostly the same. In addition to the basic rules, there are also other conditions that players should know for a successful round.


The Insurance rule represents a kind of insurance for the player. If the open map of the croupier shows an ace, the probability that he has a blackjack is very high. Here, the players can make use of the Insurance and secure themselves. For this, the player relies an additional amount on the Insurance field. If the fear arrives and the dealer has a blackjack, the insurance assignment is paid 2-1 and the players do not make any losses.


With the split rule, couples-i.e. Herz Bube and Karo Bube-can be shared. The split has to make a new use, the players get new cards and continue playing with two hands.

Double Down

With the double down, the assignment is doubled and only one card can then be taken. However, caution is advised here, because the double also has a higher risk of loss.


If the open map of the croupier is an ace, none with the surfing rule
Further card is pulled and the player receives half of his commitment.

Side Bets

The losses of the game can be reduced with the side beds (secondary bets). If the player loses in the main game, he can still win with the secondary bet.

Blackjack online casinos - our conclusion

Blackjack in the online casino offers some advantages over the classic casino. Not only the unrestricted availability of the game, but also the numerous blackjack variants that are available, ensure a high level of entertainment. A change also offers live blackjack, in which players take part in the game by video transmission.

Play blackjack in online casinos: frequent questions and answers

Which blackjack variants are there online?

Be in online casinos Pay series Blackjack variants offered. You can choose from, for example, classic blackjack, European blackjack, American blackjack, pontoon, vegas downtown, vegas strip, whirrender, double exposure, blackjack Switch, multi -hand blackjack, Spanish 21, Match Play 21, FACE BLACKJACK and BLACKJACK PEEK.

Are there blackjack tables without limits?

There are occasional providers who offer blackjack tables without limits, but these online casinos are rather rarity.

Can you beat the house and earn money with blackjack?

With the right strategy, it is quite possible to beat the house and make profits. Nevertheless, gambling should not be seen as a possibility to make money.

Can you also play blackjack online for free?

Many online casinos offer demo versions of the Blackjack variants that can be played free of charge without use. However, there are no real profits that are payable.

Can I also play blackjack in Oasis casinos?

Indeed Oasis Casinos offer the opportunity to play online blackjack.

How serious are Blackjack online casinos?

Whether a blackjack online casino is serious depends on the respective provider. Serious online casinos have a valid lucky license and meet all other relevant security features, such as transparent terms and conditions, customer service and a fair game.

Should I rely on strategies when playing blackjack?

With online blackjack it is an advantage to think about a strategy. Because with the right strategy, losses can be reduced.

Can I also play blackjack online on the go?

Yes, most online casinos can also be used mobile, which means that the game offer is available on the go without restrictions.

Which game providers produce blackjack games online?

The number of game providers on the market is very extensive. A large part of the providers also offers online blackjack.

Which casino is the best for online blackjack?

Online casinos are now like sand by the sea, but not everyone can convince. We therefore selected the best casinos for online blackjack and Our test winner Is the online casino.

Can I play several hands with online blackjack?

Depending on the variant, online blackjack can also be played with several hands.