Editorial guidelines

The following guidelines and principles should show how we work at brandmailsolutions.com when we create new contributions, news and tests. We have made it our task to be as objective and neutral as possible and for this reason these guidelines are absolutely important.

The basic thesis

Our principle above all is that we present information and tests to our visitors as neutrally and objectively as possible. Our focus is on the topic of cryptocurrencies, but of course we have overlaps with Fiat money and casinos.

Casinos are our passion because we like fun, but because the topic of gambling also includes dangers, we only want to be neutral and warn where a warning makes sense.

Basic values

In the case of the basic values, honesty and neutrality are at the top. In addition to objective reporting, it should also be about making the readers navigating and using our site as easy as possible. For this reason, we always ask for feedback.


Integrity can be summarized very precisely for us: we never lead the reading behind the light and we present everything aspects to the reader, as objectively as possible.


We check every source before we really use it. We do everything we can to the fact that we are not tricked, so that the readers do not end up with fake news in the end because we dwelled during the source test.


All of our authors work with the same care as to whether it is our permanent employees or free editors that we employ all over the world. Our principles apply equally to everyone, without exceptions.

Originality & plagiarism

If we quote a source directly, we will always indicate this and also call the source. Otherwise, brandmailsolutions.com only produces its own texts that arise in our editorial team.


All links used are used for further information, which is suitable for the context. If it is advertising links, we will mark them so that no misunderstandings are possible.


We are open to discussion, even very hard discussions. What we cannot tolerate are insults and spam, which is why we also subject the comments to us. However, a critical exchange is always welcome.