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Presentation of the - test process

Which casinos make it into the selection of

How, not every casino comes in? But you want to make money with it?

Yes, but incorporating every casino would bring you what advantages as a player?

However, you would have to choose from a variety of casinos and still don't know which online casino is now serious and fair.

This is exactly what we take over for you and that's exactly why it comes here Not every x-like casino In our lists.

Our Review taught us that it is not enough to look at a casino only superficially. Especially when playing, depositing and of course paying out, you can only see whether it is worth completing registration in a casino.

We go this path and examine each casino based on our constantly developing test process.

Roughly divided, we examine the following areas in a casino:

Game selection

When choosing the game, we do not simply pay attention to the number of existing games. Let's be honest, there are also many games that are rather not well done. For this reason, we are more likely to look at whether there is a healthy mix or not.

Even casinos with comparatively few slots can still have such a sophisticated mix of games that you can never get bored. In addition, we always want to know whether there are highlights among the games and whether the casino - no matter how big - is always to integrate new games.


The game producers are of course also part of the game selection. We make sure that a casino uses a large selection of software providers to be able to offer as many games as possible, or whether there are a small number of very well -known and renowned providers, but which have been perfectly integrated for this. In our test reports we will go into this so that you as a player know directly what you get involved in.

Live Casino

In addition to the actual selection of the game and the providers, the topic of live casino is an important part in this category. Live casinos are becoming increasingly popular because the simply real feeling can only be found here. Evolution Gaming is the largest provider here, but not every casino uses the full offer. There are also differences in the selection of tables and limits that we also respond.

Pay methods & simplicity of the deposit and payment


No! This is not the only point we wanted to address here.

From the front:

In this context, it is the most important thing for us that you as a player get your winnings. For this reason, we make sure that the payment - regardless of which payment method - works smoothly and you don't get the feeling that someone is trying not to give you your money. In the end, the profit counts and sometimes you want to know that quickly.

But the deposit is also important in this context. Nothing annoys us anymore when we notice in a test that the deposit takes too long despite rapid methods, such as cryptos. You just want to play and it is denied.

That must not be!

Now we come to the different payment methods, including cryptos. As, of course, we are primarily hot on it, you The best crypto casinos to present. Still, we don't narrow and also take Casinos targeted that only offer real money options.

In general, we look at possible limits, costs and the speed you can then play with. We also go into whether a casino offers certain methods that are more anonymous in nature, as we are often asked for it.


High bonus = everything great?

Of course, it's nothing like it!

A bonus can initially work very high and players "curl", but afterwards it turns out to be a crutch. And then we come into play:

We take the bonus and sales conditions in front of our chest. We examine possible pitfalls that could spoil the fun. It doesn't matter whether a bonus is a deposit bonus, free spins bonus or cashback. We check everything for you!

Security and seriousness

What does all the fun bring you if you get the feeling over time that something is wrong here and there about a casino?

It is very important for us that you get a serious casino from us and have fun for a long time. This is the difference to the competition that every casino may want to show you what the light of the world sees. Not with us!

Security and license

Is a casino safe? Does it offer me a secure and encrypted connection? Does the casino have a gambling license? These questions burn the most under the nails when we button a casino.


In this area we make sure that an online casino stands for a fair game. We make sure that the payout rates are checked by an external position or whether there is other information from the casino itself, which represent transparently, which we are dealing with.

Gambling addiction prevention

Of course, it is also important to us that our readers play responsibly and get help in an emergency and have the opportunity to banish themselves from a casino or to set their own limits.

That is why we pay great attention to how the casinos are doing here. Is that also important to the operators or we are rather swept under the carpet? When the latter happens, it is our duty to draw attention to this.

Mobile use & app

We no longer live in the world of Nokia 3210S, even if the thing is simply a legend.

From this point of view, every casino also takes our technology crazy crew. Does a casino have an app? Then it should also work well, easily and safely.

Casinos websites have to correspond to the state of the art these days. This means that you should also be able to call up the casino on the go and find a responsive side that makes the player life easier and does not let you doubt the technological development of the casinos.

Fortunately, most of the casinos are increasingly paying attention to this, but also in our world there are dinosaurs that still connect the 3210s with mobile telephony. Snake is no longer enough for our readers and for a long time!

Customer service

Hello is someone there? Do you hear me?

A desperate player in the chat of a bad online casino

In this category, we are concerned with the fact that the casino supports players as well as possible with all questions about the casino. For example, it cannot be that a casino cannot be reached by phone or other channels. This also includes that the casino reacts as soon as possible. at New online casinos You can certainly press an eye at the beginning, but here too we expect the players to never be left alone.

Now you know our criteria that we all rate casinos.

If a casino develops negatively, we also draw attention to this. If a casino is no longer wearable in terms of quality, it will also be removed.

Your is at your side!