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E-wallet methods such as Muchbetter often have the advantage that as a customer you can test real money casinos without revealing all data. The E-Wallt from Muchbetter was one of the best options here. With this payment method you can easily and conveniently deposit in the online casino and do not have to specify any account details.

How you use the payment method and which secure and serious Delete You can find out in our report.

The best Muchbetter online casinos 2022

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Wallacebet casino Review

The Muchbetter test winner from

Our test winner - the Wallacebet Casino does best in our evaluation. The casino is operated by L.C.S Limited and also has a European lucky license of the Malta Gaming Authority (s). Casino games from well -known and prominent software providers await you here. The provider was able to convince us, especially in the area of security and seriousness. The numerous bonus offers are also impressive for our Muchbetter test winners. For detailed information about the casino, click in ours Wallacebet Casino test report.

Our criteria

In this Review report, we go into the payment method Muchbetter in detail. Our team of experts from the online casino industry has years of Review and therefore knows exactly what is important and what makes a reputable provider. Topics such as security, the company behind it and a transparent pro and contra-argumentation on the payment method are also included.

Easy and quick in the online casino - that's how it works with Muchbetter

How do Muchbetter work casinos?

If the online casino offers Muchbetter as a payment method, you have to create a player account in the first step. Only then can you select your preferred payment method and make your first deposit. Let's take a look at the deposit and the payment with Muchbetter.

How do I pay with Muchbetter?

We explain to you Step by stephow a deposit with Muchbetter works in the online casino.

First of all, you have to do the Muchbetter app Download on your mobile device. You can find this in the App Store or in the Google Play Store. After the download you register or create an account. This does not take 2 minutes.

We tested it for you and recorded the individual steps here:

  • Download and open the muchbetter app
  • Click on
  • Specify the phone number
  • Accept data protection regulations
  • Click on
  • Set 4-digit PIN code + confirm
  • Enter verification code from SMS
  • Enter the name, date of birth, address, email and prefer currency
  • Done - you have successfully set up your Muchbetter account/ wallet

To be able to use the account, you now have to charge your credit. Your complete data is required for this. Don't worry - your data are safe And then no longer have to be specified in the corresponding Muchbetter Online Casino. You can then continue with the charge.

In the first step you will be asked which one Payment service provider you prefer and which amount you would like to load your account. You can choose from: Credit card, Sofortüberweisung, Giropay, various cryptocurrencies, cashdocode or SEA - The classic bank transfer.

As soon as your desired credit is uploaded and credited on your Muchbetter Wallet, you can also switch to online casino, register there and make your first deposit.

Muchbetter Mobile app-in a few steps to the free e-wallet

Now we come to the first step in the online casino:

You can now one Create an account in the online casino or register. In most online casinos you will be asked about your preferred payment method during this step and select Muchbetter here.

If that is not the case, you click in yours Profile settings Im Wallet or Of the wallet on the menu item deposit And keep your preferred payment method in the cash register area or make your first deposit. To do this, enter the deposit amount you want in the designated field and secure yours Welcome bonus!

Your credit is usually also displayed in your player account within a few seconds. If necessary, update the view after you have made the deposit.

Payment at Muchbetter Casinos

In our tests, we noticed that not every Muchbetter Online Casino, which Muchbetter accepts as a deposit method, also offers them for the payment. But that doesn't mean that you cannot have your money paid out. In this case you would simply have to select a different method - such as the Bank Transfer.

If Muchbetter is available as a payout, this process as well as the deposit works easily and quickly. Click to the point in your account Pay And fill out all important information in the window displayed - such as the payment amount. As soon as you have confirmed this process, your money will be sent to your Muchbetter Wallet immediately and can be seen in the app. The transfers always worked quickly and smoothly in our tests.

Special features of the Muchbetter Use

If you get muchbetter for your gambling adventure on the Internet, you benefit from some particularities. So you can Various premiums from Muchbetter get when you use your credit in the online casino. We come back to the so -called Rewards return. What we also see as a very big advantage: the deposits work smoothly and rejections such as credit cards are much less likely to work.

Speaking of credit card. Another special feature that we do not want to withhold from you is the Muchbetter Mastercard. You can easily charge the exclusive and free orange card yourself and then use your money as desired in the online casino or in your everyday purchases. You can find out more in the text at MuchBetter Mastercard.

In addition to these advantages, the Muchbetter e-wallet is one with the Lowest fees!


An essential point in our test is the topic of security. After all, you want to indulge in the online casino game and don't worry about your money at a payment service like Muchbetter. We dealt with the topic in our Review report more closely and summarized everything for you.

First it should be said: Payment with Muchbetter is one of the safest online payment options. You don't have to worry about a data theft in the wallet itself or about a hacker attack on the casino. When logging into the Muchbetter app, you always have to password enter. If you want to change your smartphone or log in to your Muchbetter app via a different mobile phone, you will only Activation code via SMS sent to unlock the new device.

The parent company of Muchbetter, the MIR Limited UK Ltd. is also by the British financial regulator ‘Financial Conduct Authority’ (FCA) regulated. So everything is done here so that the additional service provider keeps his good reputation.

Muchbetter VS Krypto

The advantage of a quick and uncomplicated deposit You also enjoy using cryptocurrency. Here, entering your telephone number and the security pin is simply exchanged for your wall key.

A clear advantage when using cryptocurrency is that you do not necessarily need a mobile device. You can easily install your crypto wallet on your PC and keep your coins there. This is not possible with Muchbetter. The mobile app is imperative.

Pay attention to the differences between the individual coins when using cryptocurrencies. Because here, too, there are differences as with any other currency. The best known coins Bitcoin and Ethereum have not been more for a long time The fastest coins and also with regard to the topic anonymity Are there coins that cut much better - for example Cardano or Solana.

Muchbetter explained

Muchbetter is one Payment service. The principle behind it is quite simple. All you have to do is download the app, install it on your mobile phone and you can create an account and subsequently charge your credit. As soon as this is done, you can deposit your choice with just a few clicks in the online casino without having to indicate your bank details.

You only have to share your bank details to the casino itself if a payment with Muchbetter is not possible and you would like to receive your profit via bank transfer. For the link, your telephone number and the desired deposit amount are required and you can already charge your credit in the online casino with your Muchbetter account.

The company behind Muchbetter

The operator Muchbetter belongs to the British company MIR Limited UK Ltd. The company was from Israel Rosenthal and Jens Bader in the year 2011 founded and is based in London. The two founders had a destination right from the start - to make cashless paying as easy as possible.

They did that too. You have not only become a very popular payment service manager, but the company has already dusted a few prizes, such as an award for Service Rising Star in 2018 and won the price Innovation in the 2018 payment service both Payment Awards 2018.

Muchbetter information
Company name MIR Limited UK Ltd.
Headquarters London
founding year 2011
founder Israel Rosenthal, Jens Bader
CEO Israel Rosenthal
Customer service [email protected]
Availability In more than 180 countries
Employee ca. 100
Sales volume more than 20 million euros

MuchBetter Rewards

Members of Muchbetter are rewarded for their loyalty and can enjoy an annual campaign. Of the MegaDraw is raffled off among the customers annually. If you are the lucky winner, you can expect $ 5,000 every month at the 1st prize every month - a total of $ 60,000! Another 84 customers also have the chance of a smaller cash prize.

MuchBetter Mastercard

If you want, you can also use Muchbetter the free Prepaid Mastercard add. There are no costs for you.

With the MasterCard you can not only pay in the online casino, but also make payments in supermarket as with an ordinary credit card. You can also fix cash at the ATM.

The card will be applied for in just a few steps via the Muchbetter website and then sent to your home by post. Then you just have to activate the card with your app. But note: The map is only intended for the European Economic Area (EEA).

MuchBetter Devices

In addition to the credit card, there are also other devices - i.e. devices - that make it easier for you to use Muchbetter in everyday life. This would be the keychain for less payment or a stiss analog clock with less payment function. Of course, for use in Muchbetter casinos, but to increase the level of awareness of Muchbetter and thus the acceptance, a good way.

Die App

Muchbetter is one mobiles Payment service and therefore presupposes that you have a mobile device and the app (iOS or Android) installed on it. Without the app and a mobile device - be it smartphone or tablet - you cannot use the service.

After you have installed the app, you can already register with your registration and yours Deposit Continue. We have already explained this step in detail here in detail in the text. We consider the app to be very clear. You can find your way around quickly and the individual processes such as registration, application, charging credit, etc. are explained in an understandable way.

Costs and fees with Muchbetter

There are no fees for you for paying and paying out in the online casino. Fees can only arise for paying and paying out to your Muchbetter account. These fees or exchange rate fees vary depending on the bank.

On the Muchbetter website you will find a table with all important information.

MuchBetter Limits

When using Muchbetter, there is no limit for your wall. That means you can put as much or as little money as you want on your ewallet. The limit is specified by the casino. So there is one minimal and maximum deposit limit and a minimal and maximum payout limit. In our detailed Casinoreviews Find a detailed table that includes all the information on deposit and payment.

Muchbetter: advantages and disadvantages

  • Easy pay
  • Free e-wallet
  • Account balance available at any time
  • No specification of account details
  • Fast registration
  • There is rarely rejection (as sometimes with the credit card)
  • Payment not always possible
  • No desktop app - mobile device necessary

Muchbetter Online casinos - our conclusion

In summary, we can say that Muchbetter is an uncomplicated payment method. Above all, the e-wallet is highly recommended to keep a clear overview of its credit in the online casino. With the many advantages and special features that the wallet brings, you can tell that this is a payment provider that specializes in transactions in the online casino.

The mobile app is very clear, well structured and you can find your way around immediately. The free Mastercard and the key rings, which enables less payment, round off the portfolio. We are convinced that Muchbetter is still strongly offered in many online casinos as a payment method and that many players will enjoy joy.

Alternative payment methods

There are many different ones in online casinos Payment methods In addition to Muchbetter. You have the option of paying or playing or playing using Fiat currency (i.e. real money) and can use credit cards such as Visa or Mastercard, but also choose the ordinary bank transfer. As you have now Reviewd, e-wallets are also very popular. These include Skrill, Netteller, Zimpler or Ecopayz. Another very popular and much used method are prepaid cards such as the Paysafecard.

We have listed a clear table with all possible payment options. Beside the Real moneyOptions are also very popular with cryptocurrencies. Classics like Bitcoin, Ethereum can often be found! But other coins such as Solana, Cardano or Monero have now become popular payment methods for playing in the online casino.

All alternatives with your advantages and disadvantages at a glance:

Payment methodadvantagesDisadvantages
First and original cryptocurrencyRather slow cryptocurrency
Very popular, accepted in many casinosPartly bugs in smart contracts
High availability (max. 84 million coins)Missing unique selling point - copy of Bitcoin
Secondly transactionsLow selection of dash casinos
Significantly anonymous than e.g. the BitcoinRecent cryptocurrency, lack of distribution
Transactions cannot be traced backRecent cryptocurrency, lack of distribution
One of the fastest crypto when payingFun currency
Completely decentralized and clearly anonymous than e.g. BitcoinLow selection of chainlink casinos
No mining, so it protects resourcesDelegate system - not completely decentralized
Larger blocks - more transactions to lower feesLow selection of Bitcoin Cash Casinos
Worldwide free entertainment systemStrongly fluctuating tron course
Popular and mostly used stable coinNot 1 to 1 to the dollar
High availability (max. 100 billion coins)Under observation of the stock market supervision second (uncertain future)
StablecoinLow selection of USD Coin Casinos
The largest crypto exchange worldwideLow selection of Binance Casinos
Very popular, accepted in many casinosDifferent limits depending on the account level
No information sensitive dataNot always available for payment
Very popular, accepted in many casinosDifferent limits depending on the account level
Supported by all banksno payment
Very popular, accepted in many casinosFees can be incurred
Enter anonymousno payout possible
Very popular, accepted in many casinosNot always available for payments
Overview of the Muchbetter alternatives

Common questions and our answers to Muchbetter Online Casinos

What is the best Muchbetter Casino?

We have you ours Muchbetter test winner Linked in our top list and also carried out a detailed test of the online casino.

Is there a Muchbetter Casino Bonus?

There is currently no online casino with a special Muchbetter bonus. But various other casinos that are usually rewarded with a great welcome bonus for your registration with a great welcome bonus. This allows you to test the casino and test the available games on slots, for example. The cashback actions are also very popular. Depending on the online casino, the bonus looks different.

How safe is the deposit with Muchbetter in casinos?

The deposit with Muchbetter is safe in the casino thanks to SSL encryption, a valid lucky game license and sometimes also with 2-factor authentication. In our report Can you read more details on security.

What real money games are available in a Muchbetter Casino?

If the casino offers Muchbetter as a payment method of your choice, you can use your credit in all games.

Why should I deposit with Muchbetter in the casino?

If you do not want to enter sensitive data on your deposit and withdrawal, a Muchbetter account/wallet is a welcome alternative.

Is there a Muchbetter Mobile app?

Yes. There is a mobile App. This is essential to set up a user account or a wallet on Muchbetter.

Can I deposit with Muchbetter in casinos without a license?

Basically yes. However, we recommend choosing a casino that has at least a Curaçao license-especially if you want to pay/play with Fiat currency. The regulate and restrictions in pure cryptocasinos then look different again.