Casinos without an oasis

We at show you die best online casinos without an oasis And explain exactly what this blocking system is, how it works and what advantages and disadvantages it brings with it. If you want to play without a limit or with cryptocurrency in the online casino and do not want to do without jackpot games and live casino, you are right here. We present exciting casinos without an oasis that you can legally visit.

Best casinos without Oasis 2022

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Best casino without blocking system Oasis:

Our test winner among the many online casinos is that After a detailed test by our team it is that Best online casino without an Oasis, but with Curaçao license. The portfolio surprises with one generous live casino, numerous slot machines, Jackpot Slots and More than 500 table and card games Like blackjack, baccarat, poker and roulette - all of course from top -class and well -known software manufacturers. To name just a few providers: Ezugi, fugaso and evolution.

If you want to secure yourself twice when it comes to security, you can do our third place - that Wildcoin Casino Select. In this casino without an Oasis you can in your private settings yourself Various limits and time -outs determine.

Online casinos without an oasis: advantages and disadvantages

  • The 1 euro seed limit falls away
  • No breaks/waiting times between the rounds or when changing the game
  • Deposit limit is over 1,000 euros
  • Cryptocurrency accepted as a payment method
  • Live, jackpot and crypto games are available
  • Better bonus offers / more free spins etc.
  • Your personal data remains with the casino provider
  • Your data can hardly be used or passed on or passed on
  • Faster registration and verification
  • More action, because greater variety of game
  • Higher RTP-i.e. return-to-player rates
  • Self -locked often possible in the player account
  • Limit device often possible in the player account
  • Sick by third parties is excluded
  • No license from Germany
  • Self -ending not always possible yourself
  • You have to keep an eye on your expenses
  • Anyone who is blocked at Oasis Casinos can be active here

Our criteria

We do not recommend any dubious or unlicensed online casinos. The casinos we present are about Online casinos without lock file, also called casinos without an oasis. In most cases these are casinos with one Curaçao license. This license is also recognized across the EU. So you can play legally in the online casinos from Germany without any problems.

With regard to security and seriousness, we take our work very seriously and check exactly whether the casino is recommended. Also a casino with Curaçao Lizenz must adhere to regulations and would lose their license if the requirements are not observed.

What is Oasis?

Oasis is an abbreviation and stands for "Online query player status". This means a list on which players are recorded who have noticed a problematic game behavior in casinos or have applied for a self -conclusion. Oasis is a blacklist, so to speak, on which players stand in a casino with a German license or a license from Malta.

This is how the OASIS blocking system works

The electronic Registration register Oasis is managed by the Darmstadt regional council and enables online casinos and betting shops to access the player data and check the status of the individual players.

The concept behind Oasis is relatively simple. Companies from the gaming industry can access the blocking file nationwide. In the database you will find names, address and other personal information that was recorded about the player. The data in the blocking system is transmitted by the blocked player using the application form.

Once an OASIS are blocked, the online casino is obliged to reject the player's registration/registration.

Why is there the locking system?

This Oasis blocking file was created to increase the protection of players and to protect those who have problematic playing behavior and are affected by gambling addiction. This group is denied access to gambling. Basically, this is also a good system for players who are at risk of gambling addiction.

Nevertheless, many players feel treated unfairly, especially if the blocking application has been initiated by a third party. If this has happened erroneously or you want to have the lock canceled, the check takes a long time and also costs a lot of nerves. That is precisely why numerous players look around for an online casinos without an oasis.

Advantages and disadvantages of Oasis

Now we go into a little more precisely on a few advantages and disadvantages of the Oasis blocking system.


Security for endangered players.
The points of Oasis are clearly obvious. If you as a player Problem with gambling have and usually lose more money than you can afford it, you benefit from the lock and should use further help. In such a case, it is also advisable to play in a casino without an oasis.


No live casino, no jackpot games etc.
Probably the greatest disadvantage on a casino without an Oasis are the non-existent games such as the popular live casino. This is precisely with this exciting casino feeling into your own four walls and play with real and professional dealers and croupiers via livestream. Another exciting category - the jackpot games - fall out completely in casinos with license and oasis.

Conclusion of the not endangered players.
This means that an Oasis casinos can ensure narrowing with some players. Because the most popular games such as progressive jackpots or the live casino are not available in an Oasis Casino. Players who have their game behavior under control can no longer play their favorite game in a German casino and have to switch to a casino without an oasis. In addition, in a casino with Oasis, it is not permitted to pay and play with cryptocurrency, which is also a major restriction for many.

Who is obliged to connect to Oasis?

The following companies are obliged to connect to the OASIS blocking system:
  • Online casinos / casinos with German license
  • Commercial game agency
  • Setups of money or goods play equipment in restaurants
  • Organizer of virtual slot machines on the Internet
  • Online poker rooms
  • Horse bets on the Internet
  • Gambling websites with a German license
  • Betting providers, sports betting, betting agents and bookmakers
  • Lottery (if more than two draws take place a week)
  • Occupational scale operators - regardless of whether funds or goods are available as a profit

Reasons for a possible oasis block

Die OASIS The player lock is used for player protection. This means, Players who have a problematic game behavior can be excluded from gambling or, rather, for a while. The entry in the blocking file can be made from the following pages:

  • From the person concerned (self -locked)
  • From the provider (conspicuous game behavior)
  • From third parties (relatives, family, partner)

Oasis itself does not (yet) recognize the game behavior and does not monitor it either. It is a registration register that centrally records the data from blocked customers from casinos with German license and gives gambling providers access to the review of the players.

Who can report endangered players to Oasis?

Basically everyone can have one Report players to Oasis. An organizer of gambling or his staff can, for example, enter the player lock after the person concerned was heard. Third parties can also make a ban (that would be family members, relatives or partners). But in this case, too, the person concerned has the option in advance to comment on the situation.

In the event of a third -party lock, there must be the knowledge that the player is faded in gambling, due to gambling or can no longer meet his financial obligations.

Does Oasis automatically recognize endangered players?

In short: no. To get a little more precisely when asked: Oasis itself does not (yet) recognize your game behavior and do not monitor yourself. If you have never been reported before or have blocked yourself, Oasis will not enter. You have to be blocked by a third person or by yourself.

If you want to play in an online casino without a license and without an oasis, but prefer to be double secured, we recommend an online casino in which you can set up and save limits in your account settings (this is possible in many Casinos without German license) so that there cannot be conspicuous behavior at all or an online casino reports to Oasis.

Duration of a possible lock

As for the duration of the lock, it varies. The period can be selected individually in the OASIS block application, whereby the At least three months amounts to. However, it is also possible to apply for an unlimited ban. This is one year. In addition, you can also select the application whether you block yourself or it is a third -party lock.

Wrongly blocked? You can do that

Briefly in advance: Regardless of whether the lock has passed incorrectly and regardless of how long the blocking period has been set, a cancellation must be requested in writing by the locked person. However, a self -lock can be lifted faster than a player lock requested by third parties.

Should it still happen that a single player is mistakenly affected by a blocking, we want to show you the following how you have to proceed from this predicament:

  • Remember your own game behavior and also accept the help if necessary
  • Find a conversation with the customer support of the online casino
  • Contact the Darmstadt regional council

Oasis and Schufa: Is there a link?

It can be assumed that data that Oasis stores is also directed to the Schufa. It is also conceivable that the two system could work closer together in Germany in the future.

Blocking systems in other countries

Not only in Germany there is such a blocking system or a blocking list as the Oasis. In Great Britain, Austria and Switzerland, too, one tries to act against a striking game behavior with such a list.

Gamstop in UK

Gamestop is called by a non -profit organization called The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited operated since April 2018. Players from the UK can look for help on the Gamstop website and lock themselves. However, the German version of the blocking system is much sharper and more precise.

Casinos Austria AG

In Austria too you can be over the Casino Austria AG Let yourself be blocked by gambling or fill out an application form for the restriction of visits. the Casinos Austria AG (Casag) operates 12 casinos in Austria and keeps international participations in gambling companies.

Social Advisory Board Swiss casinos

There is a similar website for players from Switzerland. The game lock applies to casinos and for all online gambling under the federal law on slot games-including all online games from Swisslos, La Loterie Romande and all Swiss casinos.

Casinos without an oasis: conclusion

We agree. Playing in the online casino without an oasis must primarily: it has to be fun! So that your leisure activity also remains and does not end up badly, you should always become a close look at the safety and seriousness of the casino when choosing the online casino. Security & protection of the player's personal data is of great importance.

If you should plan to play in a casino without an Oasis, it is definitely advisable to think enough and find the best provider. That is why there are also our detailed and transparent reviews. A good and reliable casino without a German license also offers you security at the highest level, a quick payment of your profits, a stress -free gameplay as well as high chances of winning (bonus offers) and a good range of games and game manufacturers.

In an online casino without a German license, you are given significantly more personal responsibility. So do not miss the opportunity to try your luck in such an online casino.


Is there a bonus in the online casino without an Oasis?

Yes. Of course there is also a bonus in an online casino without an Oasis. Most of the time you get a welcome bonus for your registration where you can either secure an additional starting credit and/or free spins or you can expect a cashback bonus. Many online casinos without an Oasis also offer their loyal existing customers more bonuses in the form of weekly promotions or rewards. Depending on the online casino, these bonuses look different.

What is the best casino without an Oasis blocking system?

In our Best list Find our test winner as well as many other top casinos without an oasis listed. Click through our detailed movements and choose the most suitable online casino without German license and without an oasis.

Is it legal to play in casinos without an oasis?

Yes. You can in one Casino without Oasis Register and play. Make sure that the casino has a license. You should also take a look at the terms and conditions and check whether playing from your region is also permitted.

What do I have to consider in the online casino without an Oasis?

In an online casino without a German license and without an oasis, you will be given a significantly higher personal responsibility. Make sure that you play in a safe and reputable casino and your personal data and your money are in good hands and you will find yourself in a pleasant game environment. All differences to a casino with a German license Can you remove from our article.

Can I lock myself with Oasis?

Yes. You can also a self -locked make via the OASIS system.

Can I block a relative via Oasis?

Yes. You can not only a self -locked, but also one Sliding of third parties make via the OASIS system.

Will I be blocked automatically if the Schufa does not confirm my creditworthiness?

Normally, a negative Schufa entry does not immediately lead to an Oasis lock. For example, the provider Bet-AT-Home points out that the Schufa query only applies to the examination of age, identity and the bank details specified in the account. Even if many consider an Oasis lock to be rather unlikely due to negative Schufa entry, it is conceivable that the two systems work together in Germany.

Are there different games in casinos with oasis and without?

Yes. There is no live casino area in a casino with Oasis and no jackpot games. We are on the differences received exactly.